Monday, October 1, 2012

Not a failure, maybe just a delay

Hey guys, over the summer I promised i'd be back, and I guess i've sort of failed with that. I'm not even going to try to promise myself or you that i'll start posting regularly. Being home was hectic enough to schedule posting, but now that i'm in college, I really don't have much time. It's such a different experience, my parents still help and I talk to them on an almost daily basis, but i'm still really on my own. I'm getting to know my room mates (who really aren't all that bad) and get into the swing of things. I'm loving the new found freedom but classes are hard and it gets lonely sometimes.. So for now I'm going to be focusing on trying to do better in my classes and focus on college, i'll be back some day and i'm still reading blogs and commenting, but for now I guess it's see you later :)