Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Generalizations and stereotypes are often wrong

A few weeks ago I came across an article about a young couple. It was written from the girls point of view about being overweight and dating a fit guy. This first article kind of hit home for me because i'm in the same situation. It's no secret that I don't weight what I should for my height but for the most part I'm okay with who I am. The girl talked about how her weight doesn't effect their relationship and how her boyfriend loves her for who she is. That's how my relationship is. I know i'm not the best looking but my boyfriend, Ethan, loves me for who I am not for how I look.
 Today a second article was posted from the boyfriends point of view entitled, My girlfriend weighs more than me, so what? This is how our mindsets should be, however this article bothered me. We shouldn't have to have articles like this. This couple should not be getting famous because the girl weighs more than the guy. It shouldn't matter.
A) People should not be making nasty comments about her weight. If she's okay with who she is then it shouldnt matter.
B) Looks should not effect how you feel about somebody. You should like them for their company and their personality.
C) If they're in love, it's their business and nobody elses.

The articles both talk about how it's uncommon to see men with bigger girls which irritates me because it's actually very common. Love isn't about looks and I wish more people could see that.