Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Weekend

Due to all my school work, I tend to not be allowed to do very much during the week, so my weekends get pretty filled up. Friday night my dad took me driving at my old middle schools parking lot, then we went to get ice cream. Saturday I had to get blood drawn, and then my mom and I went to get groceries for today's cookout. On the way home she took me driving in her car for the first time. I did surprisingly well :) After that I went to the mall with my parents for summer clothes, and then we picked up my boyfriend Adam. We hung out for a while and then went to see Shrek Forever After. It's a very good movie, very funny. Sunday, we went to our church in virginia and then saw alex and critter. I also made cookies for todays cookout :) HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Change is Good :)

So, as you may know, I have... well had... Fairly long hair. When I was 10 I got it cut way too short and haven't really done much to it lately. Well Wednesday I decided to get it cut. I like the way it looks now.Here's some before and after pictures. They say change is good, well now I believe it.

Good Bye Seniors We'll miss you

Well, it's that time of year again. Graduation. I am only a sophomore, but one of my best friends Stephen is a senior. He was my first friend at my high school and I admit, schools gonna be so weird without him around. He's weird and strange, but it was the familiar sight of him and my friends every morning that helped me through my freshmen year. To me he will always be Felix. We took german 1 together last year and that was his german name. Oh and he hates pictures so I don't have much. But that's my best asian/german/weirdo. I'm glad he's moving on, but these next 2 years are gonna be weird not seeing him every day. Congratulations Felix, I'm gonna miss you so much.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Week

I've had a very busy week so far. Last Friday I had a chance to see the shuttle launch in Florida. It was amazing. I got to watch it from Cocoa beach. We also went to Sea World and Downtown Disney. It was a great weekend. We flew home Sunday because I have exams this week. My school has to take an exam called the HSA. We have to pass 3 this year with a cumulative score to pass the classes we take them in. I also took my learners test this week. I didn't pass the first time, you have to answer 17 questions correct, but I only answered 16 correct. I retook it yesterday and passed. Look out World, here comes Lyd.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unsung Hero

So, as many of you know, I play the cello. I have been playing for about 7 years. It's a lot of work, and sometimes annoying, but it's worth the satisfaction of successfully playing through a song, or completing a competition or performance. Last night was my schools orchestra and band awards banquet. Everyone received some sort of award. These were our first, second, third, and fourth year awards. There were also a number of students who received special achievements. Surprisingly, I received one of those awards. My school has two orchestras and I happen to be in the lower one. I auditioned last year to be in the upper orchestra but I wasn't good enough. My teacher talked about discouragement and how it's never easy to be told you aren't good enough. HE went on to say how a young lady had auditioned last year and just wasn't good enough, but she didn't let it get to her, she tried harder and improved greatly. That student was me :) I've worked really hard, and it makes me proud to know that my hard work has payed off. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Great Mothers Day Weekend

My weekend was busy but extremely fun. Like I posted on Friday, my best friends birthday was on Friday, so of course we had to hang out. We went ice skating with a third friend and I spent the night. Saturday was heathers family party, but in being best friends for 6 years, we're practically sisters so I got to hang around for that. Now yesterday was mothers day, a deserved holiday for all those mothers. We went to church and then went out to lunch at olive garden with critter and his parents and sister. I had a very lovely weekend. How was your weekend? What did you do? Happy Monday.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Today is my best friend Heathers sweet 16th :) We've been friends for what feels like forever but is really six years. I'd like to say, if you're a ten year old, and you're rather outgoing and straightforward, don't ask other ten year olds about their fathers. It could bite you in the butt for the whole fourth grade year, or at least in math class. That's how it all started though. We've had our fights, had our crazy vacations, and just been there for each other. Sometimes we bug each other but life really wouldn't be the same without her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER FEATHER FOGGY!!! From, Miss Elaine, Mr. Steve, and of course! LYD! Hope it's great!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted this week. I've been busy with school and other stuff. I'm not really sure what to write about. The weekend was okay. Friday, hmm I can't really remember what I did Friday. Oh wait, I went out to dinner with my mom and dad. My mom broke her arm and is currently sporting a bright pink cast, so I'll be helping out with cooking and laundry and house hold chores this week. Saturday, I had to get blood drawn in the morning and then went to my boyfriend Adams house in the afternoon. We had a picnic on this island by his house. It was nice. In the evening my mom and dad took me shopping for some cute new clothes. Then Sunday we watched church online. I helped out my dad at Home Depot. He needed 24 heavy patio pavers. I sure got my work out. I got lemonade and chinese food as my reward :) I also had to help out with laundry but I don't really mind. All in all it was a great weekend :) Ew, it's monday, only 5 days to go. You can do it!