Friday, May 7, 2010


Today is my best friend Heathers sweet 16th :) We've been friends for what feels like forever but is really six years. I'd like to say, if you're a ten year old, and you're rather outgoing and straightforward, don't ask other ten year olds about their fathers. It could bite you in the butt for the whole fourth grade year, or at least in math class. That's how it all started though. We've had our fights, had our crazy vacations, and just been there for each other. Sometimes we bug each other but life really wouldn't be the same without her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER FEATHER FOGGY!!! From, Miss Elaine, Mr. Steve, and of course! LYD! Hope it's great!

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  1. Friends are great,
    Friends are good,
    But watch them lest,
    They eat your food.