Thursday, May 20, 2010

Busy Week

I've had a very busy week so far. Last Friday I had a chance to see the shuttle launch in Florida. It was amazing. I got to watch it from Cocoa beach. We also went to Sea World and Downtown Disney. It was a great weekend. We flew home Sunday because I have exams this week. My school has to take an exam called the HSA. We have to pass 3 this year with a cumulative score to pass the classes we take them in. I also took my learners test this week. I didn't pass the first time, you have to answer 17 questions correct, but I only answered 16 correct. I retook it yesterday and passed. Look out World, here comes Lyd.


  1. Congrats on passing the Learners Exam and good luck on the HSA.

  2. Go girl.. you will make a great driver.