Monday, July 12, 2010

Avatar the last Airbender and a busy monday

It was an amazing movie!! I used to watch the cartoons and thought they were ok, so I was kind of iffy about seeing it in theatres, but i'm glad I did. One of my favorite actors is Jackson Rathbone and he did a good job in this movie. I also thought they did a great job making the characters look like the ones in the cartoon. The theater we go to is a small theater that we can get to in about 5 minutes through back roads through the woods. We can usually get in for free because we have movie passes, however they have been giving us problems with the passes lately. We're supposed to get 2 tickets for one pass. The theater is not the company which the passes are but they had been giving people with these passes the 2 tickets anyway. Well lately they have been giving people problems such as those are only for certain movies, or I can only give you one. The theater also has not been doing movies in 3D and I really wish to see avatar in 3D. So today I am having my boyfriend, Adam, over for some swimming and icecream. Then my family will be trekking out to the expensive theater by the mall to see Avatar 3D. I'll let you know how it goes.

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