Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dueling Fiddlers

Who are the dueling fiddlers you might ask. They are two men, Rustle and Adam, who play violin. They don't play traditional classical music. They play much more than that. For the longest time they were involved with the traditional classical groups. They then realized that that wasn't what a majority of the people wanted. If you were to walk into a room (as they did today) and say Bach, you would get blank stares, but if you were to walk in and say tick tock by Ke$ha or good riddance by green day, you would get some laughter and smiles. Today they visited my orchestra class and boy was I surprised. I figured it would be two old nerdy dudes playing random classical music trying to out do the other, but boy was I wrong. They take modern number one hits and turn it into something amazing. To fully understand you will really just have to see them play, so i'm including a video. If you really enjoy their performances go to their website and support them in any way you can. They have not been doing this very long and at the moment it's their only form of income. Let me know what you think.

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