Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time to start shopping..

So I posted a few pictures from our Florida discovery cove trip. It was amazing and I definitely recommend visiting, whether you have kids or not. Food and beverages (non alcoholic) is free once you enter the park. They provide a packet of sun screen (panama jack) that is animal safe. The only thing that isn't included is souvenirs and alcoholic beverages (I think beer was free if you're into that). Sadly, the pictures I posted were the ones we bought from the park, because my waterproof camera died in the snorkeling cove. The seal on the usb port broke and I didn't realize it. Some water leaked in and it stopped working, and I did not have my good camera with me so I don't have many pictures from the trip. I guess it's time to look for another water camera.. Here's some of the few pictures I did manage to get before my camera broke.


  1. aww, i hate to hear that..
    we took a little disposable water camera to the pool, let me know what kind you get, as i want to get a good one soon!
    :)looks like yall had fun

  2. girl!
    I have tried to email you back..
    but you do not have it set up to be able to do so..
    then, i could not find your email address on your blog...
    so, here i am again.
    just stopping to thank you for always leaving such great comments!
    also, wanted to check in on you since you have not blogged in a bit..
    hope all is well and that you are enjoying your summer