Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer Memories

These are more of my summer pictures. The one of the weird mine thingy is from our Colorado trip. This particular mine is not running anymore, but it has all sorts of equipment left behind. If you live in the Colorado area you should check it out, its some where near the town of Victor. The picture of the Dog is my best friends dog Lucky. He loves to play outside and that disc is one of his favorite toys, so I thought it was a good time to take pictures. The rainbow is one of my favorite pictures. I love rainbows, and we rarely get them where I live, so of course in Colorado when I saw them every day I had to get some pictures. Now, the tunnel has a funny story. I know the pictures not so great, due to the gps and car window, but it has a funny story behind it. Come back tomorrow to hear about it. Hope you like. Have a wonderful Thursday


  1. Just stopped by from Autie E's. Belated welcome to the blogosphere. Looks like you had a nice Colorado vacation. Good photos.

    There are lots of good photo blogs. Three that I particularly like are:
    Dawn - Don't Know Much About Photography
    Jo - Life's Perfect Pictures
    Jo - Poetic Shutterbug

    Hope you enjoy your online experience. I'll be stopping by to read and see.

  2. I came over from your mom's. It is great that you have started your own blog. It is a wonderful way to write and post photos and connect with others. Keep it up! You'll find your support group out there:)

  3. Thanks to you both for checking out my site :)

  4. Lydia,

    You have an 'eye' for some great photos! I am a graphic design (student) artist and love photography too! I will be moving to Colorado someday, so those pictures really interested me. I especially liked the side-view of the dog. You have great potential as an awesome photographer. Keep up the good work! I'll be watching!
    Rochelle M