Wednesday, March 31, 2010


One of my favorite places to go on summer vacation is Great Wolf Lodge. Perhaps you have heard of it? Great Wolf is a huge hotel. Its main attraction is its huge indoor water park, 84 degrees all year round. The lodge as it is commonly referred too has other things besides the water park. They have many locations around the United States and one in Canada. My family generally goes to the location in Williamsburg Virginia. We have been every summer for the past three years. We always bring my best friend Heather, it makes for great memories. Great Wolf is open all year round so you should pay a visit. It is great for families with small children. They have characters, and camp themed hotel rooms, they also have magiquest, a game you play with a magi wand.There is a spa for mom, and even an icecream themed one for the little girls. They have a race track for little boys, and a video game, music, and internet room for teens. Over the summer, my mom took me and my best friend to the lodge for a few days. We rented a cabana in the outdoor area, visited the arcade and relaxed before coming back to start school. It was great, these are some pictures of us in the water park. Enjoy. Happy Wednesday!

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