Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weekend Fun :D

So, the weekends finally here! How was your week? Mine was boring and stressful. I suppose school does that to you. What is/was your favorite subject in school? I think mine would have to be orchestra or german. I play cello, and i'm in my second year of german. I have been playing cello for about 8 years. It requires a lot of practice, something I need to work on, but it's a great way to get involved at school and it's something I really enjoy doing. So today I thought I would post some pictures of my cello. The angles are weird, I was experimenting, but it shows what kind of instrument I have. I'm posting a picture I took last night of the power lines across from my house. Give me ideas to take pictures, and critique on how to improve the ones I take. Have a wonderful Saturday :)


  1. I'll never look at a cello the same way again. Ever. I particularly like the comparison between the bridge and the electrical transmission tower.

    It was a quiet week. My wife, Sylvia, was away until yesterday. The cat, Midnight, and I had the house to ourselves.

    My favorite subject in school was science of whatever branch. Physics, chemistry, biology were all fun for me. It certainly helped that I had a wonderful teacher whom I admired and respected.

  2. So, that's why they call it a bridge..... How neat.

  3. Hi- stopping by from friday follow and your mom's blog..

    Great pics! You are very talented.