Sunday, September 5, 2010

I can always dream right?

This is a picture of me and mans best friend, other wise known as Lucky. Who can actually be a devil dog but is usually a good buddy. Lucky is my friend Heathers dog and he'll be five years old in a few months. Her grandmother asked us to write our Christmas lists yesterday and it got me to thinking, what do I really want? Sure I wrote down, Ipod Touch, clothes, etc. But what I really want, What I've always wanted is a dog. And every year my parents say no for some reason. But this year, yet again, I will hope that maybe i've grown more responsible, or something in their hearts has changed, and I will hope that sitting under the tree in three months will be a Finnish Spits, or a Patterdale Terrier, or anything with four legs, a tail, that's alive and barks. If that was the only thing I got I would be happy. But atleast I can always dream. If anyone's reading this, share with me your dog stories.

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