Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It can be terrifying even when it doesn't involve you ( not exactly a post for little kids)

Today was filled with a little bit of panic. Let me start by filling you in with a little information about the two high schools my town is districted to.There are two high schools that are down the street from each other. Three middle schools are districted to my high school. My middle school however was split in half. One side of my town goes to our rival school with other towns, while my side goes to my high school with some of the same other towns and different ones. Now that we've got that straight, a lot of my friends from middle school attend the rival high school. Today there were students in the halls crying and standing around very serious talking a bout a supposed suicide at the other high school. I did not know if this information was true or just a rumor. Even if I didn't attend the school it still hit me that most of my friends attend that school and are dealing with issues in their lives. I had to stop what I was doing and say a little prayer for all my friends and pray they were safe. Other students were texting but I was not about to get my phone taken away so I had 3 hours to wait to find out what really happened. It turns out that there was a dead body found hanging from the bleachers this morning. It was not a student from the school or even a resident of the town. The body was found and reported by a jogger who runs the track most mornings. Even though I do not attend that school, I still had a mini heart attack being out of the loop and not knowing how my close friends were and right now i'm thanking God that they are okay and praying for the family of the suicide victim. Thank you God for keeping my friends safe.

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