Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy but fun filled spring break

So as most of you know, my spring break was last week. It was busier than I had planned but it was still lots of fun. On good Friday I headed to my grandpas to spend some time with him. We went to my favorite restaurants, the Texas Roadhouse and of course Cracker Barrel. We also had a nice brunch by the beach for Easter. I went to the beach a couple times and the aquarium. We came back to Maryland last Wednesday and Thursday we took a trip the much larger National Aquarium of Baltimore. They have a great new exhibit called Jellies Invasion. This features a few different types of Jelly Fish. They have an awesome dolphin show and some great walk through exhibits. It's definitely a place to visit. Saturday, we took a trip down to Washington DC. We watched the Cherry Blossom Festival parade and went to a street Festival. My personal favorite part was watching my cousin Alex perform. Alex is Critters older sister. She is 8 and she is a black belt. Critter just got his white belt. They live Hapmudo. Their parents are great people who own and run the YSL Hapmudo studio. It's really neat to watch them perform. They broke boards, jumped over mats and much more. Monday it was back to school. yuck. I was reminded how much I hate math.. Well, at least it's Wednesday! Happy Wednesday! Have a great day!

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