Thursday, April 22, 2010

So angry

Yesterday at school my lifeline for math was stolen. My TI-84 calculator. I have had it for about three years now and it really helps with geometry. I had it in my backpack yesterday and i left it for maybe three minutes. I came back and my calculator was gone. :( This makes me mad, I had plenty of things in my backpack, my calculator, my key, my memory stick, and my cell phone. The only thing that was taken was my calculator. I guess I should be happy that it lasted this long and got stolen instead of dying. It's really irritating though. I've had this calculator since 8th grade and I used it all the time. Then, the day before a huge test, it suddenly gets stolen. >:( It makes me remember a time a few weeks ago when I was at the library. My best friend told me to leave my bag at the table while we went to get something from the vending machine. I told her it was a bad idea because my calculator was in there. Her response? "What kind of nerd steals a calculator?!" Well, apparently the kind that went in my backpack at lunch today. Oh well, I guess i'll have to be more careful next time. Still so angry. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. That's a very nice calculator. I had to look up the model to see how nice it is. E-bay has several listed with "buy it now" prices as low as $62. I'm sorry about your loss.