Thursday, April 22, 2010

"What kind of nerd steals a calculator?"

So as I posted earlier, my calculator was stolen out of my backpack yesterday at school. We are required to have a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator for school, very expensive models. Well, I had my regular black TI-84 for about three years and it was my lifeline in math. I was rather upset because I had only left my backpack alone for about three minutes to use the bathroom, and suddenly it disappears and the only people around were a few close-ish friends. Well, last night my dad ran right out and bought me a new better version of the calculator so I could take a big math test today, and because I'll need the calculator for the next few years. I put my name in obvious and hidden places so if it gets stolen again I will be able to make sure I know who it is, even though my name was on the other one too. I put the calculator in a more hidden spot in my backpack and went to school this morning. Well, right before german I get called to the office. I trudge in thinking the worst, and the secretary asks if i'm missing something. I ask "My calculator?" and she hands it to me saying someone turned it in this morning. Who steals a calculator from someones backpack and then turns it in to the office. If they had asked to borrow it I most likely would have said yes. Now i'm irritated because my parents had to spend money on something that wasn't really needed. And to top it off we didn't even take the test. Oh well, I guess now I have my good new one for a school and a backup for home. *sigh* I guess this is just a trial in the best years of my life.

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